Double Senryu Special–The Daily Haiku, Oct. 29, 2019

Halloween is upon us! A couple of appropriate haiku poems by wonderful poets to give us a smile.

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country market—

the pumpkin rides home

in the front seat

by Carole MacRury (USA), Author

In the Company of Crows, 2008


the witch next door

doesn’t have to pretend


by Chad Lee Robinson (USA)

Prune Juice: Journal of Senryu and Kyoka, Issue 1, Winter 2009

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The Store Window

The streets in one of my favorite walkabout areas, a business and professional community called the Oil Center, are lined with upscale cafes and shops. I never know what or who I might see while roaming the landscaped sidewalks. Celebrities often visit too and and don’t hesitate to greet common folk like me!

storefront window…

smiling through the glass

familiar faces

© Al Gallia 2019

Marilyn, Elvis and Elvira!

Nature’s Watercolor

A cool autumn evening after a perfect Indian Summer day. The errant breeze has died, leaving a mirror finish on the marsh pond. Pastel hues of white, blue and pink flowing over the water remind me of Monet paintings. As the sun slips slowly toward the horizon, a red-winged blackbird flies over and the first cricket chirp penetrates the silence. From the grassy shoreline, an otter swims across the pond, its V-shaped ripples adding water-glass texture to nature’s watercolor. Lifting my eyes, I say a silent, “Thank you”.

autumn reflections…

the pond’s stillness split

by a wood duck

Nature’s Watercolor