Haiku: Watching and Waiting

an egret fledgling

totters limb to limb

the gator’s eye blinks

©️Al W Gallia 07-17-20

Many thanks to a good friend and excellent nature photographer, Moura Maun, for her inspirational photo of roseate spoonbills. They seemed to be apprehensive about something… perhaps a young egret trying its shaky wings out, oblivious to a hungry alligator waiting below!

©️haiku: Al W Gallia; photo: Moura Maun

4 thoughts on “Haiku: Watching and Waiting

    1. Thanks, Paul. I appreciate your comment. Although I am also a nature photographer, I often see a friend’s photo that strikes a ‘haiku’ chord for me. Moura’s was one of those. Blessings and peace.


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