Haiku: A Chance Encounter

They say she is a ‘whisperer’ and that she can ‘talk’ to God’s smallest creatures. I saw her today while wandering a nearby woodlands trail with my camera as I looked for that elusive nymph, Serendipity. She was picking wildflowers in a field, wearing a blue and white gingham dress, and carrying a half filled basket. A late summer breeze frolicked across the field and the flowers bobbed their heads at her as if asking to be picked too! Dragonflies and butterflies flitted about her while a pair of doves watched from an old wooden fence. She saw me and smiled sweetly as I walked past on my search for Serendipity.

picking wildflowers…

a blue dragonfly lands

on her small finger

©️Al W Gallia 2020
A Chance Encounter

5 thoughts on “Haiku: A Chance Encounter

  1. Such a delightful haibun, Al. I feel the late-summer breeze as the young “whisperer” with her half-full basket of wildflowers smiles up at you passing in the meadow. And the haiku repeated alongside Bobbie’s dragonfly photo makes a charming haiga too.

    Great stuff – your post is truly a “feel-good” experience for the reader.

    My very best – take care,


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    1. Paul, I must say that you brought a big smile to my face! Thank you for your kind words. The prose was sort of like following the bouncing ball, which was ‘wildflowers’. Then a young girl, and the walkabout. It could have been endless. Thanks again.


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