Haiku: On Covid-19 Time

The old man, soon to be 80 years old, awakens on a Tuesday morning as he always does. He lies quietly in bed, listening to his wife’s soft breathing, and thanks God for this new day, her untroubled sleep, and their continuing health. Glancing at the sunlight on the sheer curtains, he sees promise of another typical hot summer day. But he also happily notes that days are finally growing a bit shorter now.

sunlit sheers…

a mockingbird’s song

starts a new day

©️Al W Gallia 2020

Wincing at a twinge of arthritic hip pain, he silently crawls out of bed, puts on his slippers, and eases down the long hall to the kitchen. The house is soundless as it always is each morning, except for a faint lawnmower. In a few minutes he holds a steaming cup of coffee in his hands, thankful for the modern ingenuity of his trusty K-cup coffee machine. After opening the sunroom and living room drapes, the old man moves to his favorite glider chair and sits to relish his coffee, meditate and pray, and consider the new day ahead.

In the stillness, he becomes aware of the endless ticking of the old wall clock, a sound that has become quite familiar and, perhaps, even friendly for the last six months. It has been that long since the old man and his wife of fifty plus years decided to self-quarantine themselves against the deadly coronavirus mercilessly ravaging the whole world. If it was solitude they wanted, they have it now in abundance! But he also thinks how blessed they and their family have been so far and gratefully thanks God again. Next, reflecting on the day ahead, he accepts the inevitable again: that this day will be much like all the other ‘pandemic’ yesterdays. It is like being in a submarine, he smiles, with the hatch closed and afraid to open it! Reciting the Serenity Prayer, he then takes a savoring sip of coffee, inhales the wafting aroma, and opens his daily haiku notebook…

tick tock tick tock…

the old clock taps out

another Covid day

©Al W Gallia 2020
On Covid-19 Time

6 thoughts on “Haiku: On Covid-19 Time

  1. Hi, Al. This is a lovely haibun, but it’s in the Mr. Linky for my Prosery prompt, which it does not fit. For that prompt, you’re supposed to write a piece of prose–no longer than 144 words, which incorporates the line given in the prompt.


  2. Gosh, what a good haibun/haiga, Al. You’ve certainly captured something of Covid quarantine life. Love the haiku and photo.

    Actually, for Maureen and I, with poetry deadlines constantly looming, we only wish the clock would slow down!

    That said though, we’re neither of us spring chickens. I’m also a type 2 diabetic (though never overweight in my life). So I know what you mean about being afraid to open the submarine hatch. It’s scary out there with that lethal pathogen lurking still.

    Stay safe and healthy!

    My very best from Halkyn Mountain, N.E. Wales,


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