The Stump and Vine

a young vine
stretches toward the sun…
does the stump feel it?

©️Al W Gallia 2020

Along the road at nearby Lake Martin on a warm spring morning, I see a decaying stump spotlighted in a sun beam. Around this old stump, a new creeper vine spirals upward toward the light, grasping tightly to the dead wood where it can for support. I remember my father’s smile. Life rises from death and will not be denied!

2 thoughts on “The Stump and Vine

  1. Such a gorgeous painting, Al. Great haiku too. And I enjoyed the story of how you discovered the creeper-vine that sunny spring morning near Lake Martin.

    “Life rising from death…” Yes indeed. My mum and dad will be with me always.

    Take care,


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    1. Thanks, Paul! I appreciate your comment. Life and love does not end at death for those with the gift of true faith. I also feel the nearness of my parents, family and friends daily.


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