Eye to Eye

Another day of coronavirus self-quarantine dawns and the TV shows another night and day of riots and shootings. A quiet prayer for peace and law and order forms in my thoughts as I slowly sip my coffee. Then, in my old age, I sadly reflect on the state of my America which I have always loved, respected, and honored. But enough for now! On my iPad Pro, a Facebook memory pops up from four years ago. As nature’s beauty and simplicity are always my escape from the evil and hate rampant in our world, I happily share it again. God’s blessings and peace.

dragonfly and I

stare quietly at each other…

each understands the other

©Al W Gallia 2020

6 thoughts on “Eye to Eye

    1. Thank you! I often feel that part of the mega-city unrest and violence is due to ‘nature deficiency’. People need to have solitude and connection to living nature instead of just concrete, steel and noise.

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