Haiku: Among the Leaves

An Indian Summer day…a great morning for a walkabout!

a brisk breeze

ripples the quiet stream…

swirling reds and golds

©Al W Gallia 2020

7 thoughts on “Haiku: Among the Leaves

  1. Hi Al,

    What a wonderfully uplifting walk in the woods you had that Indian Summer morning. All the russet beauty of the season. Cardinals in the underbrush too. I can almost hear the crunch and snap underfoot as you tread the carpet of fallen leaf, camera at the ready.

    Terrific haibun and haiga, much enjoyed.

    Best always,



    1. Thank you, Paul! Here in the southern USA it is late October but fall is late coming! My favorite time of the year is autumn…a time for meditation and reflection which is aided by the colors and falling leaves. Stay safe, my poet friend.


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