Faith…the Saving Path

have faith in God

Sunday morning, a rainy day, almost nine months on covid lockdown. The old wall clock and I are having our normal conversation; which is pretty much one sided as it never says anything except “tick tock”. Japanese ‘solitude’ music drifts in the background… my glider chair keeping time.

life is walking

a fallen tree in a lake…

your feet get wet

©️Al W Gallia 2020

My precious wife is catching up on some much needed sleep, so I am enjoying my much needed quiet time for reflection. Keep your faith in God and focus on Christ as this year of 2020 is surely in accordance with His will. Stay safe, my family and friends. Blessings and peace.

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    1. Marta, thank you so very much! I have long felt that putting all my ‘eggs’ in the Facebook basket, under their control, was a bad move. Plus there is a whole new universe of poets out in there in the blogging world. Thanks for your support!

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