The Dandelion

One year into our Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, how the priorities of my life have changed! No longer do my wife and I plan fun shopping trips, cafe lunches, or casual visiting with family and friends. Add to that the stress of politics and the realities of turning 80, and we are now living in a new ‘normal’, maybe forever.

The one thing that makes our situation bearable is an unwavering FAITH in a loving, caring God, and the love and companionship we give each other! And one of the best ways to feel and hear Him is in the solitude and beauty of nature, where no words are needed but only awareness.

winter walkabout

among the dead leaves

a dandelion shoot

©Al W Gallia 2021

2 thoughts on “The Dandelion

  1. Hi Al,

    Yes, the plague year has sure changed our lives. With this dreadful variant on the rampage now, we’re in full lockdown here in Wales, with hefty fines issued by the police to those caught breaching the restrictions. Our “new normal” includes family phone calls instead of visits, online shopping, and poetry readings on Zoom!

    Fortunately, living on the side of Halkyn Mountain (snow-covered this morning), my partner Maureen and I are able to enjoy the beauty of nature without leaving home.

    I love ‘The Dandelion’, your “winter walkabout” haiga. Great haiku. Great bayou pic.

    The solace of nature is a wonderful thing.

    Keep safe and well,


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    1. Thanks, Paul. We’ve been staying under the arctic ice pack for over a year now, seldom open our hatch anymore. Thank God for nature and our love of solitude. Stay safe. friend.


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