Summer Respite

Nothing is more peaceful in the summer than a cypress swamp in the dead heat of day. The stillness is broken only by cicadas harmonizing, peepers chirping, and occasional egrets calling. Nature’s pungent perfume wafts on a random light breeze that gently moves a few lily pads. Sweat drips from my brow onto my camera. I love it! okay

in the duckweed

a gator’s eye twitches…

foraging wood ducks

©️Al W Gallia 2021

Thank you, Lord, for this moment of your peace in our troubled world.

4 thoughts on “Summer Respite

    1. Kate, I love nature, although I agree that gators are especially far down on my ‘snuggle list’! But I felt sure it’s eye was on a potential duck lunch…which never happened.

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      1. Funny how we’d generally be happy for the duck in that situation, but not sad for the hungry ‘gator – I find it odd that as a species of omnivores we more often empathise with the prey than the predator.

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      2. So true. Maybe because we humans have an inbred fear of animal predators ourselves, and sympathize with the plight of the underdog? Yes, Mother Nature is merciless yet still awesomely beautiful.

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