Surviving the Storms


Six years ago, while we were spending a stormy day at an Alabama coastal campground, I simply watched the rain and listened to the continuous thunder. Nature photography was my love at the time and I had no inkling then that, over the next year, I would also fall in love with haiku, a Japanese short form poetry which would greatly enhance my aging life.

thunder and lightning…

cuddled around the fireplace

an old man and his wife

Al W Gallia 08/07/21

The world has changed so much since then with social and political unrest, ongoing Covid pandemic, mask wearing, social isolation, and loss of family and friends. At our age, it is hard for my wife and me to adjust to this new stormy reality. But we are survivors and we have a strong faith and hope in our loving God and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. So we face the storm head-on without fear, staying focused on the Truth and Light. Blessings and peace, my friends.

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  1. Hi, Paul. Thank you So true, worldwide climate change whether natural, human-assisted, or both, is happening. Can humanity address and mitigate the changes or even the rate of change? Clearing old growth forests and native grasslands, damming/ channeling rivers, strip mining, non-biodegradable trash, dwindling water sources, and food shortages all contribute to the problem as overpopulated humanity struggles to survive while inept, apathetic leaders and governments play power and money politics. Marxism and communism isn’t the answer for a freedom loving people either. Time may or may not be short, so what is the answer that will bring us all together? Prayer to a caring God 24/7! Peace, my friend.

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  2. An amazing photo, Al, the black storm cloud practically sitting on the dark ridge. A cracking haiku too. ‘Ominous’ is indeed a fitting title for the whole composition.

    You mention political unrest and the pandemic as major concerns, which they certainly have been. But another issue that has increasingly come to the fore in the last six years is climate change of course, with extreme weather causing floods, and wildfires… Pity the poor Greeks with wildfires ravaging their country at this very moment.

    We must pray that tackling climate change will be accorded top priority by world leaders henceforth.

    My very best,


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