The Touch

Today, I was privileged to witness another of my wife’s animal whispering encounters! A dragonfly flitting about our blooming gardenia found a rest stop which Bobbie quickly spotted. As she always does, she started a conversation and, for a few moments, they shared some special connection and message. I never stop being amazed!

resting dragonfly
her fingertip senses
a tentative touch

Al W Gallia

10 thoughts on “The Touch

  1. Bobbie’s moment with the dragonfly is perfectly captured in your breathtaking photo and lovely haiku, Al. Well done, all three of you – I’m including the dragonfly!

    Best always,


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  2. Natalie

    Awww, that’s amazing! That she connected with it like that AND that you got the shot! Lovely haiku, too. Win win win! She’s an animal whisperer as well as a plant whisperer. A special lady. I’m glad you were there to witness it!

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