Look Behind the Veil

a withering leaf…/ remnants of nature’s beauty/ litter the forest

Al W Gallia

Some things are timeless… not related to human manipulation and degradation. The beauty of unspoiled Nature in her virgin glory, a gift from our loving God, is at the top of my list:

A golden leaf swirling in a stream’s eddy; mottled sunlight on a blossom; a cardinal sitting on a limb; a sand-fall down a canyon wall; even a new dandelion rising through a cracked rock. Whether a fading leaf or a wizened old woman, innate beauty never changes and remains locked in time, unblemished forever.

a circling butterfly
touches down on her finger tip
breeze blown wildflowers

Al W Gallia

True beauty has no need of mankind’s touch, but only to be left alone to radiate and be appreciated.

6 thoughts on “Look Behind the Veil

  1. Hi Al,

    Your “withered leaf” haiku illustrates well the timeless beauty of nature left to its own devices. How sad is the spoliation of nature through man’s reckless disregard for the environment.

    Thank goodness the younger generation recognise the vital importance, to all lifeforms on this planet, that climate change be tackled as an imperative, and have the will to do just that.

    With very best festive wishes, and all the best for 2023,


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    1. Hi, Paul! Thanks so much for your comment! Perhaps it is a truism that untainted children and enlightened elderly, unencumbered by the busyness and distractions of our civilized world, can clearly see the necessity, value, and beauty of our natural environment? As I grow older, the more I crave the solitude (with my wife, of course) of unspoiled nature. Can humans open their eyes before it is too late? Blessings and peace, my friend.

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