Growing Up Realtime

The 50’s were the time of my teenage years, when life was real, simple and direct. Radio and fuzzy TV! No cable, no computers, no cell or smart phones, no apps, social media, online gaming, or A.I.!

But bikes, local parks, Dairy Queens, drive-in movies, fishing, and realtime friends I could share life with were enough! Blessings and peace, my friends. Pray for our young folks.

fifties diner
whiff of youth’s memories
and bacon
Al Gallia 2023

3 thoughts on “Growing Up Realtime

  1. Hi Al,

    I love your haiku. And your period pic sets it off perfectly.

    Growing up in post-war industrial Lancashire, my 50s were rather different though. Ours was a pit and mill town. And the view from our rear leaded-windows was a vista of factory chimneys pumping out plumes of smoke in every mucky shade.

    Riding the double-decker to school, we’d pass bomb-sites here and there. I remember a gutted house with a framed picture still clinging crookedly to the one remaining wall.

    At my mate’s house across the road, in the stone-cold parlour, we’d play George Formby records on his wind-up phonograph with trumpet speaker.

    One highlight was a chance encounter with the singer Frankie Vaughan on my way home from school.

    My very best always,


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    1. Hi, Paul! Thanks for bringing me along on your memories of the 50’s in Wales! You are so right; we did live in different worlds in our early years. You in the midst of WWII aftermath and me here in unscarred Louisiana. We followed such individual paths to reach this present point in life, yet we still share so many values and likes. Blessings and peace, my friends. Al

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      1. Hi Al, and many thanks for your comment.

        Actually, Lancashire, where I grew up in the 50s, is in England. My only experience of Wales back then was family holidays in Penmaenmawr, and how we loved it there after the Lancashire grime.

        My partner Maureen is Irish, from Cork. So here we are now, a Lancastrian lad with an Irish lass (a former professional ballet dancer) living happily on Halkyn Mountain in North-east Wales, with the Dee Estuary below.

        As you say though, you and I, we’ve followed such individual paths to reach this point, yet share many values and likes.

        Blessings and peace to you and yours,


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