Al Gallia
Al Gallia

Welcome to ‘Searching for Serendipity‘ which I hope offers inspirational tidbits on the deeper meaning of our life journey as it relates to faith, nature, life, simplicity, and aging. I do not presume to be someone special or have ‘expert’ knowledge, but only wish to share thoughts, including those of others, on subjects I have become familiar with and are close to my heart.

Lafayette, Louisiana…in the heart of beautiful Acadiana near the Gulf of Mexico coast…is my home. My passions are haiku poetry and nature and nostalgia photography,…a love also shared with my precious wife and best friend, Bobbie.

Through my personal and close experiences while ‘walking’ with loved ones and friends as they confronted stress, illness, aging, and death, I have witnessed how faith, hope, prayer and love helped overcome pain, fear, depression and loneliness. By God’s grace, they have been able to call upon their faith for peace, hope, courage, acceptance, selflessness, and fortitude to persevere and never give up. Their wonderful examples of faith and trust in a loving God and Jesus Christ are the foundation for my latter phase of life and the reason l want to share my thoughts here. Perhaps you may find a brief respite from this busy, anxious world too.

Your comments are greatly appreciated as I love hearing your thoughts too. Please visit often and enjoy!

Blessings and peace, Al Gallia

10 thoughts on “About

      1. Hi Al,

        A really beautiful Haibun. Your poetry keeps getting better and better. This one magical! I’m off FB. You can still contact me at my email or sueshaikus on Instagram. Have a beautiful Thanksgiving. No doubt some good haiku.

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      2. Susan, my poet friend, thank you so much for your supportive comments. You have been a wonderful guide on my haiku journey and helped me to stay on the right path. Ditto on FB, except for certain family and friends.


  1. Hi Al,

    I like the look of your blog. And having turned 72 on St. George’s Day, I share your interest in aging!

    One book I keep on my desk is the interview anthology ‘Autumn Voices’ edited by Robin Lloyd-Jones (Playspace Publications, 2018). It’s subtitled ‘Scottish Writers over 70 talk about creativity in later life’.

    Maybe you’d enjoy it too.

    My very best to you in Louisiana, from North-East Wales,


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    1. Good morning, Paul. I appreciate your comment. Yes, it is a fact that the older I get, the more interest I have in growing older! As I begin to see a faint light at the end of the tunnel, I find myself wondering what the light will show 😉.


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